Welcome to the OPTIMIZE Website (hereinafter: the “Website”) The Website is operated by Crystal Optics Industries Ltd. (Co.#. 51-286933-0), the official marketer of the OPTIMIZE brand (hereinafter: the “Company management”). The Website is used as an e-commerce Website which offers for sale various Products (hereinafter: the “Products”). 

  1. General
    1. The provisions of these Terms and Conditions apply equally to members of both sexes, and the use of masculine pronouns is for convenience only.
    2. The provisions of these Terms and Conditions shall apply to any action taken by the “User”, as defined below, on the Website.
    3. The provisions of these Terms and Conditions and Terms of Use appearing on the Website define the legal relationship between the User and the OPTIMIZE Website, the Terms of Use of the Website and / or the ordering of Products from the Website, and indicate the User’s consent to these terms and any other conditions appearing on the Website.
    4. The Company may, at any time and in its sole discretion, cancel these Terms and Conditions.
    5. Nothing in these Terms and Conditions shall derogate from the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law, 5741-1981 (hereinafter: the “Consumer Protection Law”) and any regulations enacted under it, insofar as they apply to the Website (hereinafter: the “Provisions”), except in cases where such provisions may be subject to given conditions and such conditions has been set within the framework of the Website, whether explicitly or implicitly.
    6. The Company and the management of the Website do their best to present the most complete and comprehensive information about the product, including images, notwithstanding what is stated in this section it should be said that certain inaccuracies and / or errors and / or omissions might appear on the Website in good faith and without malicious intent and / or out of a desire to mislead, and the Company, the management of the Website and the Website shall not bear any responsibility arising from the inaccuracies and / or errors.
    7. For the purposes of these Terms and Conditions, “User” – any person, including a Company and / or any legal entity, may use the Website, including performing actions through the Website, all subject to the fulfillment of the cumulative conditions listed below:

– The User is competent to perform binding legal actions; If the User is a Minor, namely under the age of 18, or someone who needs permission from any third party in order to perform a legal action (for the purposes of these Terms, hereinafter: the “Minor”), the User hereby declares and confirms that he has obtained the consent of his parents and / or Legal Guardians and / or any third party as stated above (hereinafter: the “Legal Guardian”) regarding the provisions of these Terms and Conditions and for the performance of any action within the framework of the Website, of any kind. The Legal Guardian is responsible for informing the Minor who wishes to browse the Website about the Terms and Conditions and monitor the Minor’s activity so that the Minor will act in accordance with the terms of these Terms and Conditions. Any activity that to be performed by the Minor on the Website constitutes the consent of the Minor and / or his Legal Guardian to what is stated in the Terms and Conditions.

– The User has a valid Israeli or international credit card or other approved and legal means of payment (approved for use on the Website and in general).

– The User has an active e-mail box on the Internet.

  1. Without derogating from the above, the Company may prevent any person from using the Website, temporarily or permanently at its sole discretion and without giving notice in advance, including in any of the following cases:
  2. Committing an illegal act and / or violating the provisions of the law;
  3. Violation of any of the terms of these Terms and Conditions;
  4. Intentionally providing incorrect information;
  5. Performing an action that may impair the proper operation of the Website and / or any of the suppliers and / or any third party;
  6. The credit card held by the Customer has been blocked or restricted for use in any way.
  1. Purchase of Products on the Website
    1. OPTIMIZE Products and / or any other product displayed on the Website can be purchased as long as they are in stock. The prices displayed on the Website are in shekels and are valid only in the territories of the State of Israel, in the case of a purchase made using foreign currency, the price will be converted according to the high representative rate or as long as the product is displayed in foreign currency). Prices and Products will be updated from time to time without prior notice. In the event that a particular product is advertised on the Website at an incorrect price, the Company reserves the right to refuse the order or cancel it.
    2. The purchase of the Products will be made by adding Products to the shopping cart, after adding Products to the shopping cart the User will fill in the online form designated for that purpose as part of the ordering process the following User details:

First name, last name, telephone number, e-mail address, in addition, the details of the recipient of the order, first name, Last name, telephone number, locality, street number, house, floor, apartment, entrance and any other identifying details that can assist the courier to easily locate the property to which the order is made, including comments and information regarding the delivery operation and / or if the order recipient is not at home.

The fields marked with an asterisk must be filled in and without them the order shall not be completed.

  1. Filling in all the details required for the purchase of the product by the Customer will be regarded as placement of order (hereinafter: the “Order”) upon the receipt of the order, the Website will check the credit card details and only after approval of the credit Company and / or after receiving approval from PayPal, as to be clarified below, will the transaction be confirmed and the final approval of the order will be issued, the Customer will be charged by credit card through the PayPal account, as to be clarified below, all subject to the Products being in the Company’s inventory and Website.
  2. The details as entered in the order form by the Customer will constitute conclusive evidence of the correctness of the actions.
  1. Methods of Payment
    1. Payment for the Products will be made by credit card or through an account in an “e-wallet” service such as PAYPAL- (PAYPAL.COM), and any other similar service, or by gift card (hereinafter: “Gift Card”), as will be available for use on the Website, from time to time at the sole discretion of the Website management.

    2. If the Customer chooses to use a credit card to make the payment, the Customer will be asked to provide the credit card details, ID card, card type and its expiration date. If the Customer decides to pay through PayPal, the Company will only be able to charge for the Products after receiving approval from PayPal. The use and the receipt of the approval from PayPal are subject to the Terms of Use of the PayPal website.
    3. The management of the Website reserves the right to stop using any means of payment on the Website, allow the use of additional means of payment and apply different payment arrangements to different types of credit cards or means of payment that the Website management is to accept.
    4. Once the payment details have been entered in the online order form, a confirmation of receipt of the order details will be sent to the Customer via e-mail. It should be clarified that this approval does not oblige the Website management to provide the Products ordered, but only indicates that the order details have been received by the Website management.
    5. Immediately after placing the order, the Website management will check the means of payment used by the Customer, an appropriate notice will be given to the Customer that the order has been approved and his account will be charged for the cost of the service.
    6. In the event that the transaction is not approved by the credit Company or by the PayPal account or any other means of payment at that time, the Customer will receive appropriate notice and the Website management will contact the Customer to complete or cancel the transaction.
    7. Approval of the purchase operation is conditional on the product being available in stock on the requested delivery date and / or the order date. If it is not stated that the product is not in stock and the product has not been removed from the Website by the time the order is placed, the Website management will not be liable if it refunds the Customer any amount paid to the Website management and / or cancel the charge if such was made for the purchase.
    8. It should be clarified that there may be situations in which although the item is displayed on the Website as a product available in stock, while in practice it is not available in stock and cannot be delivered, in such cases the transaction will be canceled and the Customer will not have any claim in this regard subject to refund of the amount paid by the Customer.
    9. The delivery date will be determined from the date of approval of the transaction by the credit card Company or approval of the PayPal account or any other available electronic wallet service to be approved.
    10. If the Customer is mistakenly charged by the credit Company, the Customer must notify the Website management in order to be accordingly refunded.

      Delivery and transportation of products
  1. The User may choose have the ordered items supplied directly to his home and / or any other destination of his choice or, alternatively, choose that the items be delivered to the points of sale, if such appear on the Website, at his choice.
  2. Delivery of the product by the Website will be made only after receiving payment confirmation from the credit Company and / or PayPal account, i.e., after the product is paid for, as specified above, the product will be delivered to the address the Customer entered and / or provided when making the order online.
  3. The Website undertakes to deliver the goods within the delivery time to the requested destination and will do its best to ensure that the product arrives quickly.
  4. The Website management will act to the best of its ability to deliver the Products quickly within 5-7 business days from the date of receipt of the order and its approval, except for to an address located in remote localities.

Product delivery time shall only include business days (Sundays to Thursdays, not including Fridays, Saturdays, holidays and public holidays).

  1. Delivery of items to ________ will be made within 5-7 business days from the date of placing the order on the Website. The items will be delivered to a point of sale _________ selected by the User, according to his preference, and as marked by the User on the Website (the list of stores appears on the Website). Upon arrival of the ordered items, the User will receive an email / message informing him of the arrival of the items in the store. The User will collect the items from the point of sale during business hours. The Products will be kept at the point of sale for 14 days. In the event that the User does not show up to pick up the items from the store within 14 days, the Company will be entitled to cancel the transaction. In such circumstances, the User will not have any claim and / or demand and / or argument against the Company in connection with the cancellation of the transaction. In the case of delivery of the items to the point of sale and their collection by the User from the store, the User will not be charged any shipping fees.
  2. Shipments delivered via a shipping company on behalf of the Website management are in accordance with the terms of the shipping company, the distribution areas of the shipping company and by prior arrangement with the recipient of the order.
  3. If the shipping company is unable to make the shipment to the shipping address for any reason, the Website management will inform the Customer and act to find an alternative solution that will meet the requirements of both parties. 
  4. The delivery dates indicated on the Website and above do not apply to Products that have run out of the inventory of the Website and / or from the inventory of the relevant supplier.
  5. The deliveries are made by a courier company assigned to transport the Products and the terms of the courier company will be binding on the Customer.
  6. Shipping Fee – In addition to the price of the ordered Products, the Customer will be charged a shipping fee, the amount of the shipping fee will appear at the end of the order process depending on the shipping method chosen by the Customer, unless otherwise stated.
  7. The shipping fee will be paid upon payment for the product. In the case of a sale made in installments via credit card and / or via PayPal account the Website may charge the shipping fee upon charging the first payment. 
  8. The Website will not be responsible for any delay in delivery and / or non-delivery of the Products caused as a result of one of the following reasons:
    1. Force majeure and without prejudice to the aforesaid war, military operation, emergency operation and / or natural disasters and / or events beyond the Website’s control such as complete market strikes and shutdowns and / or at the suppliers of services or goods needed for the production, supply or transport of the product.
    2. Any reason beyond the control of the Website and / or the Company.
    3. A reason relating to the shipping party.
  9. The Customer must immediately notify the Website if the product is not delivered within the delivery period specified on the Website, in which case the new delivery time will be set from the newly agreed upon date of shipment.
  10. Care must be taken to fill in accurate and up-to-date details, in case the Products are returned to the Company due to incorrect details, the Customer will be charged for shipping and handling fees. 

Cancellation of a purchase by the Customer

  1. The Customer may cancel a transaction in accordance with the Consumer Protection (Cancellation of a Transaction) Regulations 5781-2010 and the Consumer Protection Law 5741-1981, without derogating from the aforesaid:
    1. Cancellation will be made by phone call to Customer service ___________ during business hours: Sunday-Thursday from 09:00 to 16:00. Or by sending a request through the Contact Us page on the Website>
    2. Cancellation of a transaction by the Customer will not be possible in the purchase of certain items as specified in subsection 14C (d) of the Consumer Protection Law.
    3. Cancellation of the transaction by the Customer is subject to the product being returned to the extent reasonably feasible or possible, in its original packaging.
    4. After receiving the cancellation notice, the Customer is paid the amount paid by him for the product less cancellation fees (the shipping fee is not part of the product price and will therefore be deducted separately from the refund) at a rate of 5% of the transaction amount or NIS 100, whichever is lower. In the event of cancellation of a transaction due to a defect or unsuitability, the Customer will not be charged any cancellation fee. Additional provisions of the Consumer Protection Act regarding the cancellation of the purchase by the Customer, including regarding the obligation to return the product, will also apply.

      Cancellation of a purchase by the Company
  2. The Company may, in its sole discretion, for any reason, and at any time, cancel or terminate a transaction and / or sale and / or cancel an order, in whole or in part, and / or the activity of the Website, in whole or in part.
  3. Notice of such cancellation or discontinuance will be given to the User or Customer, and the Company will refrain from charging the Customer’s credit card or refund him any amount paid for the Products, if paid.
  4. Except for the refund of the said transaction amount, the User or Customer will not have any claim, argument and / or demand towards the Company and / or the supplier in respect of the cancellation of the transaction as stated in this section.
  5. If a product is found to be out of stock, the Website may cancel the order or offer an equivalent replacement item. If such an order is canceled, the Website will not be responsible and will not bear any direct, indirect, consequential or special damage caused to the Customer or a third party, including but not only, any damage due to the purchase of the item from a third party at a higher price.

    Copyright infringement
  6. All intellectual property rights, including patents, copyrights, designs and trade secrets, are the property of the Company only, or of other third parties authorized by the Website management to use them.
  7. These rights apply, inter alia, to the data on the Website, including the list of Products, description and design of the Products and any other details related to its operation.
  8. These rights also apply to the Website and the domain (____________. com) of the Website, trademarks (whether registered or not) are all property of the Company. These may not be used without obtaining its prior written consent.
  9. No information included in the Website may be copied, reproduced, distributed, sold, marketed, leased, including trademarks, images and texts, product design, product images, etc. without the prior written permission of the Company.
  1. No contents included in the Website, apart from the home page of the Website (deep link) may be linked, and such contents may not be displayed or published in any way whatsoever, unless the deep link is to the web page on the Website in full and as is, so it could be possible to view and use it in the exact way that it is viewed and used on the Website, all after obtaining the consent of the Website management.
  2. The management of the Website may order the cancellation of a deep link even after giving its consent at its sole discretion and in such case, you may not have any claim and / or demand and / or argument against the management of the Website.

    Personal responsibility
  3. The Company (and / or anyone on its behalf) does not bear, neither directly nor indirectly, any responsibility for damages arising from and / or related in any way to the repair, assembly and / or replacement of the Products.
  4. The Company (and / or anyone on its behalf) does not bear, neither directly nor indirectly, any responsibility for damages resulting from the use of and / or reliance on information published on external Websites, which can be accessed through any of the services on the Website. It should be clarified that the Company does and will do its best to cooperate with reputable and reliable suppliers only.
  5. The Company (and / or anyone on its behalf) does not bear, neither directly nor indirectly, any responsibility for damages arising from and / or related in any way to the use and / or operation of the Website.
  6. In any case, the Company will not be responsible for any activity of any other party that is not under its full control.

    Security, confidentiality and privacy
    All the personal details of the Customer (name, e-mail, etc.), will be stored in the Company’s databases. The use of the information collected will only be made in accordance with this privacy policy or in accordance with the provisions of any law, in order to:

– Allow the use of various services on the Website.

– Improve and enrich the services and content offered on the Website.

– Modify or cancel existing services and content.

– For the purpose of purchasing Products and services on the Website – including publishing information and content.

– For the purpose of sending messages by e-mail (newsletter) and SMS, information regarding its services as well as marketing and advertising information. Such information will only be sent to you if you have given your express consent, and at any time you can revoke your consent and cease receiving it.

  1. The Company will not give your personal details to advertisers. However, it may transmit statistical information about the activity of Users on the Websites. Transmitted statistical information will not identify you personally.
  2. The Company utilizes up-to-date information security systems and procedures at its websites. While these systems and procedures reduce the risks of unauthorized intrusion, they do not provide complete security. Therefore, the Company does not guarantee that its services will be completely immune from unauthorized access to the information stored in them.
  3. The Company will not transfer personal details of a customer to anyone other than the suppliers, if necessary, just to complete a transaction.
  4. The Company will not make any use of the details of the Customer’s means of payment but only to make a payment for a transaction that the Customer requested to make, and these details will not be passed on to any other party other than for this purpose. For the avoidance of doubt, the details of the means of payment are not stored in the Company’s databases.
  5. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Company may transfer a User’s personal details to a third party in cases where the Customer has committed an act or omission that harms and / or may harm the Company and / or any third parties, the Customer has used the Company’s services to commit an illegal act, a judicial order has been issued to the Company instructing it to provide the details of the Customer to a third party, as well as in any dispute or legal proceedings.
  6. The Company will be able to use the personal details of the Customer, without identifying the specific Customer, for the purpose of analyzing statistical information and presenting and / or passing it on to other parties.
  7. As this involves the performance of operations in an online environment, the Company cannot guarantee complete immunity from intrusion into its computers or the disclosure of information stored by illegal operators. If a third party succeeds in penetrating the information held by the Company and / or misuse it, the User will not have any claim, argument or demand against the Company.
  8. The Company will be allowed to use “cookies” to provide the User with a fast and efficient service and save the Customer the need to enter his personal details at each login to the Website.
  9. Right to review information

According to the Protection of Privacy Law, 5741-1981, every person is entitled to review the information held about him in a database. A person who has reviewed the information about him and found that it is incorrect, incomplete, unclear or out of date, may contact the owner of the database with a request to correct the information or delete it. Such an application should be addressed through: “Contact us” or by regular mail to: Crystal Optics Industries Ltd. Co. #     51-286933-0 11 Moshe Bornstein Street 11 Acre Industrial Area.   In addition, if the information in the Company’s databases is used for the purpose of contacting you personally, you are entitled under the Protection of Privacy Law, 5741-1981, to demand in writing that the information relating to you be deleted from the database.

  1. In the event of cases beyond the control of the Company and / or arising from force majeure, the Company will not be liable for any damage of any kind, indirect or direct, caused to the Customer and / or anyone on behalf of the Customer in the event that this information is to be lost or used unauthorizedly.

    Law and Judgment
  1. The law applicable to these regulations and / or to any action and / or conflict arising therefrom, is Israeli law only.
  2. In any case of dispute, the courts (District or Magistrates’ Court) of Tel Aviv-Yafo will have the exclusive authority to hear it.
  3. The law applicable to the use of the Website, the order and these Terms and Conditions, including the interpretation and enforcement of the Terms and Conditions is Israeli law only.

    Privacy Policy – Crystal Optics Industries Ltd. 51-286933-0
    1. General
      • In this policy we shall detail the personal information collected and its uses during the process of the service of producing a receipt or digital invoice as part of the purchase of Products on the Website of Crystal Optics Industries Ltd. 51-286933-0 (hereinafter” the “Service” and / or the “Company” or the “Chain“).
      • The purpose of this privacy policy is to detail the information collected about the Company’s Customers in the production of the receipt or digital invoice – a service provided by us to the Company’s Customers who purchase Products and / or items at the chain’s branches for which the invoice or receipt is required (hereinafter the “Customer” and / or “Customers“).
      • The terms of the Privacy Policy set forth below form an integral part of the Terms of Use relating to the Service. The Company may from time to time change the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use, jointly or severally, to reflect technological, business, legal or regulatory changes. Updates regarding the said privacy policy will be published in this document, which can also be found in its updated format on the Company’s Website __________________.com / (hereinafter: the “Company Website”).
      • This policy does not reflect the information collected at the login to the Company’s Website, while login to the Company’s Website is subject to its current and relevant privacy policy.
      • Any use of the service by a Customer who receives an invoice or digital receipt for the purchase of a product or item in the chain’s branches will indicate his consent. The policy may change from time to time – therefore we recommend that you review the privacy policy from time to time.
    2. The Service
      • The service provided by the Company includes the collection and processing of the information used for the issuing of a digital invoice directly to the Customer’s telephone number or requested email address as well as for the storage and processing of the information contained in it.
      • In this regard, it will be clarified that the service of producing the digital invoices will be provided through an external Company ___________ Ltd. H.P. __________ which provides the Company with the technological services for the purpose of producing the digital invoices subject to the purchases of the Products and / or items in the chain’s branches.
      • The service will allow the Customer to view receipts and invoices from purchases made at the chain’s branches by providing his mobile phone number at the chain’s branch and receiving a link to receive the digital invoice as an SMS message to the mobile device or alternatively, sending the receipt or invoice to the email provided by the Customer. As stated, when making the purchase at the chain’s branches, the Customer, as long as he is interested in receiving a digital invoice, will be asked to provide the cashier with an email address or telephone number for sending the digital invoice to him. The Customer will then receive the digital invoice via a SMS message which includes a link which clicking (clicking the link) will allow the Customer to view the digital invoice or alternatively, by sending the digital invoice to the email address the Customer provided to the cashier at the branch.
      • The Customer will also have the option to recover the digital invoices at the branch by phone number.
    3. Information gathering
      • In order to provide the service, the aforesaid Customer will be required to provide a mobile phone number and / or email address for the purpose of sending the receipt and / or digital invoice directly to him by phone or email.
      • After that, all the information related to such said purchase made at the chain’s branch will be collected, such as, the date of purchase and payment, the purchase details, contact details – such as phone number and email address, as well as any other information required to produce the invoice. All the above information related to such said purchase made at the branch will be stored in the databases of both the Company and the _____________ Ltd. that provides the Company with the technological services for producing the digital invoices that operate under any law.
      • ___________ Ltd. will not keep personal information about the Customers (except for a telephone number or email address to be provided by the Company’s Customer for receiving the service) Unless they explicitly request to join the Company’s Customer Club, while with respect to joining the Company’s Customer Club, there is a separate privacy policy.
      • In addition, the Company will be entitled to use the information specified in Section 3 above for marketing, commercial and statistical purposes and even to provide the statistical information to third parties, including advertisers, subject to the terms of this privacy policy. In any case, statistical information provided to third parties will not identify the Customer personally and / or the Company.
      • As stated, the Company may collect and infer consumer, behavioral, and statistical information about the unidentified consumption habits of its Customers, as part of the provision of the service.
      • It is hereby clarified that there is no legal obligation to provide the information detailed above, and its provision depends only on the will and free consent of the Customer. However, the provision of the information may be required to receive the offered service since without it the Company will not be able to provide it.
      • When performing certain operations within the service, it may be required to provide information to further parties related to the said operation – such as IT providers, cloud service (information storage) providers and the like, including outside Israel’s borders.
      • Correct, reliable and accurate information must be provided, only on behalf of and for the Customer and not on behalf and / or for third parties.
    4. Use of information
      • The Company will use and process the information collected as part of the service and as detailed in Section 3 above and as an inherent part of the purchase process of a product or item in the chain’s branches, and for producing the invoice or digital receipt related with to purchase (hereinafter: the “Information“).
      • The above information will be stored in the databases of both the Company and ______________ Ltd., for the purpose of sending additional digital invoices to the Company’s Customers in the occurrence of any additional purchases made at the chain’s branches. In addition, the Company will keep records of consumers’ consent to receive the digital invoice or general consent to mailing.
      • The Company may, as stated, use the information for producing statistical data, aggregate data and other data for marketing or targeted marketing purposes.
      • The Company may also use the information to prevent fraud, secure services, for operational purposes, to detect fraud and / or other illegal activity, and to contact the Customer.
      • The Company may also process the information for the purposes of management, optimization, adjustment and marketing of the service.
      • To the extent that various advertisements and / or links to external websites and / or applications appear as part of the service, know that any link clicked by you at your own discretion and risk only will lead you to exit the Company’s services and direct you to an external Website and / or application, where you will be subject to its terms, including its privacy policy. From that point on, the Company will have no control over what happens to your information, and therefore will not be held responsible for it.
      • Any inquiries regarding removal from the mailing list and / or any other inquiries regarding the information and / or service, should be directed to the Company’s Customer service center at phone number _______________.
    5. Providing information to a third party
      • The Company may transfer information to third parties from time to time, in a number of cases, as set forth below and / or in any other case in which the Company will be required to transfer:
        • At the Customer’s request and / or with his express consent.
        • As part of the cooperation between the Company and ___________ Ltd., which provides the Company with the technological services for the production of digital invoices.
        • For the purpose of transferring them to the suppliers of the Products and / or services, in order to complete the operations requested by the Customer and / or when required for the operation of the services, including the provision of cloud services, in Israel or abroad;
        • In any case where the Terms of Use are violated, including the terms of the privacy policy and / or in cases where the Customer performs or tries to perform himself and / or through someone on his behalf through the service and / or in connection with them, actions breaching the Terms of Use, including the privacy policy, including any violation of any law;
        • Due to a court order instructing the Company to disclose the information to third parties in accordance with an order;
        • Any person, corporation, body, authority and governmental, public, private or other entity under any provision of law that obliges or imposes on the Company an obligation to do so (such as: the Tax Authorities);
        • For the purposes of holding judicial and/or legal proceedings and / or disputes held between the Customer and / or someone on his behalf and the Company and / or someone on its behalf.
        • In any case where the Company deems that the provision of the information is necessary in order to prevent serious damage to the Company or in order to prevent other serious damage, at its sole discretion;
      • The Company may provide statistical information to third parties, including advertisers, subject to the terms of this Privacy Policy. In any case, statistical information provided to third parties will not personally identify the Customer.
  1. Data Security

The Company does everything in its power to protect the confidentiality of the data provided to it, while taking acceptable precautions and using advanced security technologies. You well know that the Company devotes resources and takes strict measures to prevent intrusion into the platforms that provide the services, and to prevent any possible violation of the end user’s privacy, but cannot completely prevent disruptions in its services.

The Company is obligated to maintain the information in accordance with the provisions of the law regarding the management and use of databases and declares that it acts in accordance with the provisions of the law, including, but not limited to, information security, management and use of databases and use of information.  


  1. Contact us about privacy

According to the Privacy Protection Law, 5741-1981, you or someone on your behalf may review information about you that is in the Company’s databases and even request that this information be corrected if it is incorrect, incomplete or inaccurate. To exercise this right, you must contact the Company in writing.