Customer experience

Here at Optimize, we offer our customers a wide range of services and solutions to help them enhance their service and sales experience. For optometrists, the process of selling hi-tech optical products doesn't have to be complicated at all. With our help, you can now offer your customers a variety of fantastic products paired with a seamless, user-friendly shopping experience.


Our partners enjoy accompaniment and support in any issue they need. Financial, marketing, digital marketing, advertising, risk management and much more. We are 100% behind you


Powerful collaborations with leading global and local organizations (for group members).

New Media

Our new media products are the technological tools we use to connect between optometrists and our production process. These tools provide maximum accuracy and ensure that each and every client ends up with a premium-quality optical product, tailor fit to their exact needs and specifications.


Our loyalty is 100% for you, we give our partners full access to exclusive campaigns and initiatives that help increase sales

Remote edging

Optimize is a pioneer in the field of remote Edging, with us you will find that the process is simple, fast and efficient. The technology allows us to provide you the products with record speed and maximum accuracy

Personalized lens engraving (PLE)

We provide personalized lens engraving solutions.

System Services

We can produce custom processes for you Streamlining and improving processes

Coming soon…


As a global company, we're happy to offer you international warranty. To activate the warranty, please enter this link and follow the instructions.

Activate your warranty

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