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Optimize is a one-stop-shop for vision correction. As industry leaders, we proudly offer our partners a wide range of advanced optical solutions - including ophthalmic lenses, contact lenses and frames.

Standing At The Forefront Of The Eyewear Industry

Optimize presents a wide range of advanced lenses designed for optimal vision correction.

Our lenses are of unprecedented quality, all in full compliance with the most stringent international standards, including ISO 9001.

DSP Technology
Dual Side Progressive is among the most advanced surfacing technologies in the world of vision correction. Using cutting-edge dual surfacing, we can create lenses that allow you to see the world with crystal clear optical precision.
Eye-PC Distance (EPC)
Taking into account the distance between the eyes and the monitor, our EPC technology allows us to create lenses that are customized to fit your exact intermediate vision needs.
Digital Screen Control
This innovative technology allows you to enjoy comfortable, uncompromising and precise vision.
Customized Individual Technology allows us to create the lens that's perfect just for you, to match your specific needs.
Personal Variable Inset
With this technology, you can enjoy an extra wide field of view – specially tailored according to your specifications.
Pixel Technology
This unique technology is designed to reduce unwanted side effects that may occur as a result of working long hours in front of screens/monitors.

Products that make a difference

Whether you're a customer or an optometrist yourself, you'll find that the unique combination of our cutting-edge technology, premium quality materials, and ultra-high production standards is what makes the real difference. Take a look and see for yourself.

When we reach the age of 40, many of us begin to gradually lose our ability to focus on nearby objects. This phenomenon is called Presbyopia.

For such cases, where we need to be able to see well from intermediate, near, and even far distances, progressive lenses are a great solution.

Customers – are you tired of moving your hand away every time you want to read something? Would you like to enjoy different focusing strengths? Optometrists – would you like to offer your clients the best solution for these situations? If so – check out our various progressive lenses.

Most of us work in an indoor environment. This requires a lot of concentration throughout long periods of time, as well as the ability to see great from various distances. Optimize’s indoor lenses are designed to give you just that, helping you maintain a healthy posture and minimize eyestrain.

In our single vision lenses, all prescriptions are calculated separately and determined using our very own FreeForm technology. Each point on the lens surface is calculated and polished individually, so the prescription could be perfectly matched to each lens’ unique structure.

The result? Your patients will be able to enjoy perfect accuracy and exceptional vision, for either distance or near.

So you need sharp vision clarity at both distance and near, and can’t fully adapt to progressive lenses? Don’t look any further. Just check out our high-quality Bifocal solutions, FreeForm and Traditional Bifocal.

In 2019, the World Health Organization declared myopia as a global epidemic, myopia increases the chance of various eye diseases to the point of blindness. As a company that puts the health of your eyes first, we took it upon ourselves to be a leading part of the fight and created Myoslow, the ophthalmic lenses that will help manage your child myopia. These lenses that work with the defocus method will help us slow down the elongation of your child’s eyeball and thus manage myopia, because every diopter count.

Children are one the most important things in our lives, if not the most important. That’s why we at Optimize take the best care of them, offering them a wide range of vision solutions: From single vision and bi-focal to progressive lenses, including special prescriptions – all uniquely designed especially for them.

We believe in providing complete, end-to-end solutions. We are happy to offer the finest and largest selection of contact lenses in the industry, ranging from daily/monthly lenses, through lenses with/without a cylinder and all the way to custom-made colored lenses. Your customers deserve the best – set them up with our I-Contact lenses.

Welcome to our shiny world of fashion. The Brand Frames division was born out of a desire to offer our customers solutions for every single thing they might need in our store. The Optimize collections have been cherry-picked, with an emphasis on quality, functionality, and fashion.

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Customer Experience is Everything

Here at Optimize, we offer our customers a wide range of services and solutions to help them enhance their service and sales experience. For optometrists, the process of selling hi-tech optical products doesn't have to be complicated at all. With our help, you can now offer your customers a variety of fantastic products paired with a seamless, user-friendly shopping experience.
Systems & Services
Specially customized processes streamline and improve the workflow in your store.
Optimize provides in-depth consultations tailored to your needs, and works with selected external partners to help you formulate and implement the most suitable 360° business strategy
Access to exclusive campaigns and projects helps to drive sales and reach more customers.
Powerful collaborations with leading global and local organizations (for group members).
Remote Edging
A unique method that enables any store worldwide to directly submit an order to the production robot and receive the delivery of cut and surfaced lenses at the store in record time.
We offer our partners professional training and guidance, including online/in-person courses, lectures, and classroom training. All materials are developed and delivered by our team of experts, carefully designed to ensure you have all the skills and knowledge you need.
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