The Optimize Line

Optimize DMT

Dual Match Technology:

These multifocal lenses, designed with new progressive free-form technology, offer the same high precision of the FIT Design, adapted to strong wrapped frames. The DMT lenses also compensate for the prismatic distortion caused by the wrap angle of the frames.

The result makes this Crystal Optic design ideal for enjoying outdoor activities in greater visual comfort, and without compromising on fashion.

Benefits of DMT Lenses:

  • Optimal for wrap frame angles of up to 30ยบ
  • Provides maximum vision field with total comfort
  • Eliminates sense of dizziness and balance loss
  • Available in lens diameters of 80, 90mm, up to 120mm
  • Base curve range: 4.6, 7, 8, 9
  • Lenses designed for indoor or outdoor activity