The Optimize Line

Progressive Multifocal Lenses by OPTIMI ZE

The remarkable versatility of OPTIMIZE free-form lens production offers a standard of custom fitting never before possible, with fine-tuned customization to both the individual wearer and the activity, such as computer work, indoor-outdoor sports, sun & sea exposure, or eyestrain relief.

High Performance from All Angles

Crystal Optic expertise includes the ability to flatten the lens with aspheric and atoric designs for a broader side-view. In addition, the distance of a chosen eyeglass frame from the eye enters into the computer-controlled lens design, for a perfectly optimized multifocal view.

The OPTIMIZE line positions the progressive part of the lens on its back surface, to further increase the field of view with minimal distortion. Utilizing another advantage of progressive lens technology, the lens hardness can be adapted with a hybrid formulation for superior multi-directional vision and comfort.